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BLOG-ish: Lake Region Family Planning is not just about birth control and STD/STI testing!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Welcome to LRFP Blog! Let's REALLY talk about reproductive health care

for men and women!

INTRODUCTIONS FIRST: My name is Jill, and it is my job to do the goofy random stuff and I also do the Nurse stuff at our clinic.

Our main clinic nurse is Lori, whose gentle disposition will put u immediately at ease. Our midlevel clinicians are LuAnn and Tobey, and they are as smart as they are kind.

We are all passionate care providers that love what we do, and you will feel that when you arrive at our clinic. Best of all, we have heard it all. No judgement here... just warm and caring medical service that everyone deserves: Served up with extra confidentiality in a quiet corner of our community.

"In a time when the world wants to streamline everything, it is interesting that many men and women chose to seek their sexual health care in a different location with a different provider"

But hey, let's face it. When we seek medical care related to sexuality, reproduction, or an infection that affects "girl parts" or "boy parts".. it is a seriously PRIVATE matter.... and sometimes we just feel better not bumping into old friends in the waiting room or telling our best kept secrets to our family doctor.

When you go to the store to buy a TV or a T-bone, do they ever adjust the price

so that it works into your budget?

!! We adjust the priced at LRFP to fit your budget !!

Isn't it amazing that a sliding-fee option really happens at Lake Region family planning?? That is the coolest thing ever! And to get top notch health with care costs adjusted to your income and family size! Just wow.

Think about coming in to see us.

And when you do, I really hope:

  • that you will let us know what you like about our clinic.

  • that you will share ideas to improve your healthcare experience.

  • that you find a new calm in reproductive health care!

Warmest Regards,

Jill Yantes, RN

Delegate Director of Lake Region Family Planning

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