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We know it is so hard to stop!

Lake Region District Health Family Planning works hand in hand with Lake Region Substance Abuse and Tobacco Prevention to provide assistance when you decide it is time to reduce or stop your nicotine use!

  • Smoking

  • Chewing Tobacco

  • Vape 


We have the tools to help you succeed!

If you have the the wish to stop smoking, we can walk across the hall to our Tobacco Prevention Office.  They have all of the resources including a Trained Tobacco Specialist!


They offer free:

  • Nicotine Patches

  • Nicotine Lozenges

  • Nicotine Gum

  • Vaping Education

  • Support 

  • Diversional strategies

  • Access to ND Quits



She can prescribe medication

that can help!

"Men and women of reproductive age that are

our clients also have the opportunity to see

our nurse and our provider."

         Lori Stevenson

 Trained Tobacco Specialist

          LuAnn Stromme

Trained Tobacco Specialist 

with prescriptive privileges.


Holli Rodriguez, TTS
(Trained Tobacco Specialist)

At Lake Region Family Planning

At Substance Abuse
& Tobacco Prevention

Call Lori for a confidential appointment
701-662-7046 ext 7046

"We are more than just a confidential women's health clinic!"

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