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"So you want to look at my what??"

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

"Sexual and reproductive health care is the most intimate

part of routine health management."

This is where our most private deeds (and even desires) need to be honestly brought forth to our medical provider in the interest of both preventive and curative health care. Not only for our own health, but for the health of others we touch. Having a trusting relationship with your provider is paramount !

The information you give to your provider can affect:

  1. the ability to have children,

  2. the ability to prevent children,

  3. and for our clinicians to accurately test/treat sexually transmitted infections.

DID YOU KNOW that there a more that just a few infections that can affect your sexual health? Click here.


Many woman of "a certain age" can think back to their first pap smear.

This is not to downgrade all OB/GYNs of the past, however MOST of them were men and most of them did not have any idea how the gal on the table might be feeling. Luckily, most clinicians in today's medical setting are learned in sensitivity and technique to make the speculum not cause acute onset tachycardia and utter dread the moment it is observed by the female patient.

"By the way, just a side note: Previous to circa 1999, I am quite sure that the METAL speculums were kept in the refrigerator just to enhance the awfulness of the entire exam. (haha)!"

Lake Region Family Planning is Reproductive Health Care that has found

a way to eliminate stress and anxiety during the yearly exam that is so

important to our health and well being!

If you would like to meet the staff at

Lake Region Family Planning,

Click the green button below!

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